Friday, June 19, 2009

A Water Sandwich

Two layers of water. Lake water. Sky water. Me in the middle. Yum. Just like I like it. Listening to Astrid Gilberto sing "Here's That Rainy Day" and considering putting together a playlist of rainy songs. For example, if you haven't heard Seal's version of "I Can't Stop The Rain," you ain't heard nothing. Go find yourself a copy of Soul. Quick. Before the storm passes over.

I was planning to take the laptop up to the Waterloo Cafe and get some work done for a change but now I'm all conflicted. Go there where it's warm and bright and congenial. (And there are probably muffins or something.) Or stay here where it's quiet, dark and somber but beautiful like there's no tomorrow.

As you might expect, I'm a fan of rain. Oh, I can get enough, although I believe that people who believe that it rains all the time in Cleveland are just working their preconceptions. Generally speaking, we don't get a ton of days like these, dark with the sound of falling water and distant thunder. I know. Because I lurk around, waiting for them.

Ah. Wynona. "Come Some Rainy Day." This is getting good. And "Love By Grace" -- that's got good old moody rain, too. You can always count on Wynona to bring you down in a good way.

One thing I miss, living so close to the sounds of waves, is waking up to the music of rain falling steadily in the night. Rustling bushes. Flattening the grass. Gurgling in the gutters. Patting down the roof. So often when it rains, the wind comes up. And wave sound trumps rain sound. Not complaining really. Just saying. Sometimes you got to choose.

Oh, "Rainy Day Man." James Taylor. Not the one on the eponymous James Taylor which, forgive me JT, kind of sucked. The one from Flag.

So if you're out there, tell me your favorite rainy day songs. I'll be here. Listening to water from the sky.

And in the meantime. Play it again Seal.

June 19, 2009

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  1. Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan
    Hard Rain's Going to Fall by Bob Dylan
    Raining in Baltimore by Counting Crows